Stake Your Assets and Earn $WISH Rewards!

From April 22, 2024, to May 22, 2024, you have the opportunity to stake your $mBTC, $wBTC, or $MERL on our platform and earn $WISH rewards.

Here's how the rewards are structured:

  • Stake $mBTC or $wBTC: Earn 3,000 $WISH per day for every 1 $mBTC or $wBTC staked.

  • Stake $MERL: Earn 0.05 $WISH per day for every 1 $MERL staked.

  • Stake DOG•GO•TO•THE•MOON: Earn 0.2 $WISH per day for every 1K Runes $DOG staked

Additional Benefits and Flexibility:

  • Unstake Anytime: Assets can be unstaked at any time, giving you full control over your investments.

  • Stake Longer for More Rewards: Stake your assets for longer than 2 weeks to receive additional $WISH rewards.

  • More runes and other asset staking are coming soon: with runes $DOG staking already available, stay tuned for the exciting launch of other BTC assets staking on BitGenie, offering even more opportunities to earn rewards.

Start staking your assets today and take advantage of these fantastic rewards. Whether you prefer to stake $mBTC, $wBTC, or $MERL, there's a rewarding opportunity for everyone on BitGenie. Don't miss out on this chance to grow your wealth and make your WISH come true!

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