How to get SATS & ORDI on Merlin Chain?

How to get SATS & ORDI on Merlin Chain using OKX Wallet

  1. Buy SATS & ORDI on OKX Exchange.

  1. Transfer them to your OKX Funding Account

  1. Open OKX wallet, click on "Receive", then search for MERLIN_BTC address, copy your own address

  1. Go back to your OKX Exchange, withdraw both ORDI & SATS, make sure to paste the correct Merlin address and select the right network: SATS-MERLIN & ORDI-MERLIN

  1. Add SATS & ORDI Merlin contract to your OKX wallet:

  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on "Manage Crypto".

  • Select "Custom crypto".

  • Select "Merlin Chain". Contract address:

ORDI-MERLIN: 0x7dcb50b2180BC896Da1200D2726a88AF5D2cBB5A

SATS-MERLIN: 0x4dbe39D987665d0CB9F921B50B2673346b87cAfA

  1. You will now see the balance of both tokens in your OKX wallet.

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